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 "Everything you know is wrong!"

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The Professor

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PostSubject: "Everything you know is wrong!"   Sat May 11, 2013 9:09 am

If you are aware of institutions such as the Smithsonian 'archiving' or 'losing' artefacts, you will be aware that all that you know is subject to being 'recognised' as 'true history' by those who can get published or those with government grants to 'research'...

Lloyd Pie has several publications where he states the case (as he sees it) in the face of the 'orthodox historians'...

Lloyd raises some curious ideas in this book and I include a lecture by him on the subject for your consideration:

From the book:


This book is about life on Earth, how it came to be here and how it
has progressed from that point forward. On opposite sides of the issue are

two main groups: Darwinists and Creationists. Darwinists believe life is
explainable as an ongoing process that began in utter simplicity and
steadily proceeds toward increasing
complexity. Creationists believe a
Supreme Being was divinely inspired
to create all life whole and
complete, with no alterations or addendums since the original effort
brought it all forth. Naturally, Darwinists are quick to point out that
alterations and addendums are an easily
detectable fact of life, while
Creationists are equally quick to
note that evidence for a gradual
progression of life forms from simple to complex is dubious at best. This
leaves the two sides at loggerheads,
fueled with enough facts to prove
their opponent is at least partially wrong, but not possessing enough proof
to establish their own case beyond doubt.
Accepting that both sides have serious holes in their arguments, it
seems logical to seek a better understanding of life’s processes somewhere
in the large swath of middle ground
between the current entrenched
positions. That is what this book attempts to accomplish, the staking out of
a defensible position in the terra incognita beween the Darwinists and
Creationists. Of course, such a contentious objective will strike many as
hopelessly quixotic because to question Darwinism is to doubt the
collective wisdom of the entire scientific community, while to question
Creationism is to defy the teachings of every major organized religion. To
dispute both groups simultaneously is even more quixotic, and will strike
others as a senseless act of deranged lunacy.
Deranged or not, lunacy or not, this
book is filled with fact-based
propositions and logical suppositions
that will convince many readers of
its veracity, while others will disagree, some quite strongly. That is usually
the case when radical ideas are presented for public examination. But no
matter how you have come to this book, whether as a Darwinist, a
Creationist, or an “agnostic” without a firm opinion,
it will forever change
how you view the origin and progression of life on Earth. You may even
end up reevaluating your own place in
that grand, glorious scheme.
[Sic.] http://lloydpye.com/eykiw-sample.pdf

Lecture video:


Searching for answers, finding more questions.
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PostSubject: Re: "Everything you know is wrong!"   Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:47 am

Wouldn't it be insane to know the truth of earth's history from the beginning to now? I have always distrusted people who want to hide things or twist reality to suit their agenda. The saddest part is that we are programmed to believe what they want us to believe and it is only those among us with a true desire to KNOW who discover that we are taught lies and that we have to seek the truth through our own means.
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"Everything you know is wrong!"
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